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Ever wondered where you could get those scrumptious, melt-in-the mouth, home-baked cookies that you read about all your life, but never got to taste? Missing that fabulous buttery home-made goodness in the cakes you buy from the big bakeries in town? Looking for a special cake or recipe that you remember from your childhood? Well, look no further!

Our home-bakers at the Bakeaway aim to revive classic recipes from near-forgotten times, and bring them to you at the click of a button. Vintage cakes, tarts, shortbreads, ginger snaps, quiches, finger sandwiches, cheese straws, roasts ... we make 'em all! Check out our array of cakes, pies, cookies and savouries in our ever-expanding menu. If there's a cake you've always dreamt of eating, but haven't been able to find anywhere, let us know and we'll custom-bake it for you!

​Planning a tea party? We'll whip up a stunning array of finely cut sandwiches, scones and clotted cream, cookies, cakes and savouries, to pamper your guests with.

​Call us, email us, ask us anything! We'd be happy to talk to you!




“The High Tea experience was to die for!   Loved the Orange Chiffon Cake!

 Saina Jayapal, Bangalore


Good old fashioned home baking


Boozy Fruitcake- Rs.1500 

Dark Chocolate Rum Tart- Rs. 900

Saffron Ghee Cake - Rs.700 


“Gosh this looks like something Mrs Patmore would bake for Lady Grantham.  Love it!”

 Farrokh Jijina, Mumbai