Banana Jaggery Upside Down Cake

Soft and crumbly on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside, and filled with oodles of chocolatey goodness. Indulge your chocolate fetish with The Bakeaway's ultra chocolatey chocolate brownies. 
We do massive birthday brownies too!  Watch your loved ones go into raptures as they taste a slice of these on their special day!

The Bakeaway's Dark Chocolate brownies - 

  Rs. 720 (Set of 12)
​  Rs. 380 (Set of 6)
Birthday Cake Brownie  - 

  Rs. 1200 (Serves 15-30)



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Devil's Food Cake

Boozy Fruitcake!

Victoria Sponge

Chiffon cakes were invented in the Roaring Twenties by Harry Baker, who kept the recipe a secret for many years. These soft, light as air cakes are tricky to make, but scrumptious to eat. They're easy on the calories too. Flavoured with fresh seasonal oranges and lemons, chiffons can be enjoyed with an evening cuppa, as dessert, or if you're like us, just about any time!

The Bakeaway's Chiffon Cake (Orange/Lemon) 

(L) - Rs 1200  (serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs 680  (serves 4-8)

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Also known as the Victoria Sandwich or the Jam Sponge, a bite of this light-as-air cake is sure to make you come back for more. Filled with heavenly butter cream and strawberry jam, these cakes were originally introduced into the Victorian court at teatime by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting. Makes a perfect teatime treat and pairs up excellently with a cup of Indian tea!

The Bakeaway's Victoria Sponge

(L) - Rs 1100 (serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs  600 (serves 4-6)

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Apple Cinnamon Upside-down Cake

The scrumptious aroma of this delicious old Goan cake is impossible to resist.  Made with a uniquely coastal combination of semolina, coconut and rose petals, this fluffy, heavenly delight is the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa in the evening.  The best sort of cake to have in your cake box at home!

The Bakeaway's Bolo de batica

    (L)  - Rs 1100(Serves 8)

    (S)  - Rs  600 (Serves 4)

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Bolo de batica

The non-chocolate answer to our chocolate brownie, The Bakeaway's blondies are chewy, buttery, nutty, and filled with the goodness of delicious butterscotch!  Try some, you'll fall in love!

The Bakeaway's Butterscotch Blondies -

  Rs. 720(Set of 12)
​  Rs. 380 (Set of 6)



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Dark Chocolate Brownies

Indian Summer

The Bakeaway's traditional carrot cake is hearty, wintry and full of goodness. It's stuffed with dry fruit and nuts and covered with a delectable cream cheese frosting. Try some, you'll love it!

The Bakeaway's Carrot Cake

  (L) - Rs 1300 (Serves 8-12)

  (S) - Rs  700 (serves 4-6)


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Butterscotch Blondies

Orange and Lemon Chiffon Cake

Saffron Ghee Cake

Toscatårta (Swedish Almond Cake)

Inspired from the coastal bakeries of Kerala, the sublime flavours of this decadent cake have to be experienced to be believed.  The wholesome aroma of fresh ghee mingles with the subtlest hint of saffron, all ensconsed in a cloud-like fluffy cake, with a crisp, brown crust on top.  Try it, you won't regret it!

The Bakeaway's Saffron Ghee Cake

 - Rs. 1300 (Serves 8)

 - Rs. 700 (Serves 4)

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Scones and teatime are made for each other.  Originally a flat unleavened Scottish flatbread, the scone assumed its modern, baked form about 200 years ago, and became an integral part of the Devonshire teatime experience. Try The Bakeaway's yummy raisin scones with cream and strawberry jam, butter, or just by themselves! 

The Bakeaway's Raisin Scones - Rs 800  (Set of twelve)

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Don't wait for Christmas for this delicious treat! The Bakeaway's signature boozy fruitcake is packed with dried fruit, cherries, candied peel, ginger and nuts, and redolent with spices and dark sugar! Doused in a special mix of dark rum and fruit liqueurs, a slice of this delightful cake certainly hits the spot! 

The Bakeaway's Boozy  Fruitcake - Rs 1500  (serves 8-12)


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Spicy Fruitcake

A favourite with the kids, the chocolate swirls in this timeless classic remind you of summer holidays and fun in the sun.  Irresistible, we think!
Marble cakes are from Germany, and originally used Molasses for the dark swirls in the cakes. 'Aunt Babette's Cook Book' (1889) has the first published recipe for this delicious cake. Modern recipes like the Bakeaway's version use chocolate instead of molasses for the swirls, and we think the cakes taste even better!

The Bakeaway's Chocolate Marble Cake

(L) - Rs 1100  (serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs 600  (serves 4-6)

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​​​​Easily one of the most sought after cakes in modern times, the Red Velvet is likely to have originated in Southern USA, but popularized by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. The iconic 1990s movie, Steel Magnolias, and the famous Magnolia bakery in New York were responsible for the stellar popularity of this cake. The deliciously tender, moist, slightly chocolatey, slightly salty, slightly vanilla-ey crumb of the cake, combined with its rich red colour and a decadent cream cheese filling and frosting, makes it impossible to resist. The Bakeaway's red velvets are made the original way, with lots of love and lots of flavour! We do pretty versions, goth versions, cupcake versions and whatever other ones you'd like!

The Bakeaway's Red Velvet Cake -

(L) - Rs 1400 (Serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs 750 (Serves 4-8)

Cupcakes - Rs 600 (Doz)



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Carrot Cake

This heavenly Scandinavian cake is made especially during Christmas, but enjoyed all year around. The soft buttery vanilla sponge makes a perfect complement to the crackly delicious almond topping. Enjoy a slice of this scrumptious teatime cake with a cup of coffee and a book!

The Bakeaway's Toscatårta

(L) - Rs 1300  (serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs 700 (serves 4-6)

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Cashew, coconut, banana, jaggery and cardamom- The classic Indian fivesome come together in this superbly scrumptious cake! Needless to say, it was demolished in minutes by our ever-eager food tasting team! Want some?

The Bakeaway's Indian Summer Cake

    (L)  - Rs 1100 (Serves 8)

    (S)  - Rs  600 (Serves 4)

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​​​This spectacular creation is composed of layers of buttery Genoise, softly whipped cream and succulent fresh strawberries. A treat to the eye as well as to the palate.

The Bakeaway's Fresh fruit and cream Genoise cake -

  Rs 1450 (Serves 8-12)



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Banana Walnut Cake

​Sink your teeth into this sinfully delicious cake made with dark chocolate, cinnamon, pepper and coffee, and covered with a rum flavoured ganache. The Bakeaway's Devil's food cake is a lower-cal option compared to traditional chocolate cakes made with butter. 
It makes a complete dessert served with fresh cream, ice cream, or even a glass of cold milk!

The Bakeaway's Devil's Food Cake

(L) - Rs 1200  (serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs 680  (serves 4-6)

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Classic Red Velvet

Raisin Scones

This deliciously moist Indian cake comes with a surprising twist.  The earthy taste of caramelized raw sugar (jaggery), combines with fresh banana to form a scrumptious crust on this spongy  crumbly cake, making it one of the most delicious cakes in our Indian selection!

The Bakeaway's Banana Jaggery Upside Down cake

    (L)  - Rs 1100(Serves 8)

  (S)  - Rs  600 (Serves 4)

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Sugar, spice, and all things nice.. go into this delicious old-world cake. Bursting with Christmassy goodness, the Bakeaway's spicy fruitcake is packed with candied fruit, nuts, caramel and all the spices of the east. Try some for a nostalgic taste of times past!

The Bakeaway's Spicy Fruicake -

(L) - Rs 1400 (Serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs 900 (Serves 4-8)



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Fresh Fruit and Cream Genoise Cake

Chocolate Marble Cake

A Bakeaway classic, our banana cake is made from an old family recipe.  It's soft, light buttery, and immensely flavourful.  Fresh local bananas and walnuts, and a secret spice blend go into this divinely delicious cake, perfect for a teatime treat.  Or breakfast, if you prefer!

The Bakeaway's Banana Walnut Cake

(L) - Rs 1200  (serves 8-12)

(S) - Rs 680 (serves 4-6)

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This traditional semolina and almond cake is a huge family favourite all over the Middle East. The entire cake is soaked in a flavoured cinnamon and almond syrup, and topped with slivered almonds.  An absolutely delightful sweet treat for the whole family to savour.  Best part of all - this is an eggless cake, suitable for all palates!


The Bakeaway's Basbousa

 - Rs. 1200 (Serves 12)

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​​​This luscious cake has all the goodness of apples and cinnamon coated in a warm caramel glaze. Hard to resist indeed! Why's it called an upside down cake? Well aside from a little baker's trick used in making these beauties, they look prettier this way than the right side up!

The Bakeaway's Apple and Cinnamon Upside Down Cake -

  (L) - Rs 1300 (Serves 8-12)

  (S) - Rs 700 (Serves 4-8)



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